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  • Audio Podium Lectern madurai

    Audio Podium Lectern

    Audio Podium
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    It is very attractive public address podium that features an all-in-one design. In built 60W amplifier, 60W column speaker with one tweeter and three woofers. A flexible gooseneck microphone and lamp are provided as well. A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand its capacity. Availability in white or black finish, wooden top and steel bottom, steel body; goose neck MIC length; 47cm; lamp length:45 cm


    • One goosenecK MIC and one lamp.
    • 60W rated power output.
    • 1 aux input, 2 MIC inputs, 1 line output and 1 REC output.
  • Lecturns And Electronic Podiums madurai

    Lecterns and Electronic Podiums

    Audio Podium
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    This series Lectern is a public addressing Podium that features all in one design. Inbuilt 60w amplifier, 60 w Colum speaker with one tweeter one three woofers. A flexible goose neck mic and lamp are provided as well. A number of input and output connections make it easy to extent its capacity. Available in black finish, wooden top and steel bottom, steel body, goose neck mike lengths 47 cm, lamp lengths 45 cm. The lectern podium is used by universities, offices, schools, churches, exhibition centres, and hotels.

  • Sale! Portable Podium Lectern Madurai (Lecture Stand) for Office, Church & School

    Portable Podium Lectern Madurai – for Office, Church & School

    Audio Podium 5,000.00
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    PREMIUM FINISH – The structure is epoxy powder coated in soothing Black color and the reading top is manufactured from pre laminated wood in Beech color, a combination that suits all contemporary presentation environments. All pipe ends are properly fitted with molded ABS end caps to give the product appealing aesthetics, superior finish and longevity

  • Smart Digital Podium madurai

    Smart Digital Podium

    Audio Podium
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    The smart podium/ rostrum enables the user to write on an interactive white board with a built-in podium, the cutting-edge system allows the user to directly write on a multimedia teaching plan and save the images along with the voice, for the easy production of multimedia learning contents. Self has a built-in sound system (digital amplifier, wired/wireless microphone, etc. ), which is essential for e-learning, and can be devices with a single key and supports the rms (remote management system) system. It is ideal for classrooms equipped with the lcd tablet monitor along with touch monitor to control class equipment. With the installation of dual monitor system for the 1st time in the world, the lecturer can progress the class with much convenience and effectiveness. It can realize full automation and security function for lecturer with internal installation of rfid system. Supplying the powerful software. (writing/ drawing/ recording). Very simple and human-engineering smart design. This design has goes beyond the conventional learning experience by providing cutting-edge, multimedia educational environment that allows students to think creatively and innovatively. It is the most leading digital podium system in the age of e-learning.
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