LG Interactive Flat Panel

The TR3DJ series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multi touch. This function offers a lifelike board touch experience and makes collaboration much easier.

With 1mm gap between the screen and tempered glass, which supports low parallax, The TR3DJ series can offer precise touch and excellent writing experience.

The stylus pen comes in two different colors and with two different tip sizes of 3mm and 8mm. The dual pens enable users to write or draw simultaneously.

The TR3DJ series allows you to write and annotate on all sources, so your writing experience can be easy and satisfying.

The TR3DJ series supports OPS slots, allowing you to easily and conveniently mount an OPS device at the back of the digital board without the hassle of connecting to an external desktop, offering you more expanded functions.


TR3DJ Series

  • Brightness : 350nits
  • Multi Touch Point : 20 Points (Max.)
  • Interface : HDMI (3), RGB (1), Audio In (1), RS-232C In (1), RJ45 (1), USB 3.0 Type A (3), USB 2.0 Type A (3), Audio Out / Optical Output, Touch USB (2)


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