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  • BenQ Interactive Flat Panel Madurai

    Benq Interactive Flat Panel

    Interactive Flat Panel
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    Cloud collaborations and brainstorming

    Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorise, edit, and share notes between the display and mobile devices.

    Duo Windows for in-depth illustrations

    Make lessons more efficient and interesting by running two apps side by side with a whiteboard supporting content on the other.

    Enhance engagements with dual screens

    With the integration of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel and Smart Projector, teachers can see online students engaging in lessons and answering questions in real time, ensuring every student feels included.

    Online classroom for remote learning

    Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers, EZWrite Live allows teachers to offer online lessons to students who can either participate in the classroom or from home.

  • LG Interactive Panel Madurai

    LG Interactive Flat Panel

    Interactive Flat Panel
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    The TR3DJ series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multi touch. This function offers a lifelike board touch experience and makes collaboration much easier.

    With 1mm gap between the screen and tempered glass, which supports low parallax, The TR3DJ series can offer precise touch and excellent writing experience.

    The stylus pen comes in two different colors and with two different tip sizes of 3mm and 8mm. The dual pens enable users to write or draw simultaneously.

    The TR3DJ series allows you to write and annotate on all sources, so your writing experience can be easy and satisfying.

    The TR3DJ series supports OPS slots, allowing you to easily and conveniently mount an OPS device at the back of the digital board without the hassle of connecting to an external desktop, offering you more expanded functions.


  • Max Interactive Panel Madurai

    MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel

    Interactive Flat Panel
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    Ultra-slim bezel, ultra-large vision, ultra-sharp display
    4K Ultra HD large display with ultra-slim bezel on double sides deliver wider vision and better immersive experience. Anti-glare technology assures the sharpness of imagines, even in the bright environment.
    MAXHUB Transcend Series adopts the first flip-over camera on a conference IFP, safeguarding the privacy when the camera is left idle. The camera would automatically flip to the front once you start a teleconference application. And after the session is over, the camera would automatically turn to the back. Even when the camera zooms in on one of the attendees at the back of the room, the video may still maintain its clarity and sharpness.
    Voice Localisation4 via 6-element Mic Array
    MAXHUB Voice Localisation algorithm lays the foundation for zooming in on the speaker. By analysing the phase of the sound waves and how soon they arrive at each of the microphone elements, MAXHUB could tell the direction of the voice. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.
    Ultra-thin, Complete Flat Enclosure
    Owing to the ELED backlight structure and PCAP touch technology, MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series boasts a thickness down to 18mm. There is no touch frame, thus the screen is completely flat. Once installed in a room, it is no longer a display, it is a masterpiece.
  • Newline Interactive Panel Madurai

    Newline Interactive Flat Panel

    Interactive Flat Panel
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    Optical bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.


    The 4K displays with 85% NTSC, an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle and two embedded powerful 20W speakers ensure sound and image are perfectly clear, all around the room. Low Blue Light designed with TÜV Rheinland certified provides an eye-friendly viewing experience.


    Equipped with Proximity Sensor, the Newline interactive displays will power on/off automatically based on human presence in the room.


    Streaming your setup with fast and easy USB-C connection. Thanks to plug & play USB-C, your entire setup process requires plugging in one cable – which transports data, audio, video and power. Connect and disconnect immediately or switch devices without any hassle – just plug in and get straight to teaching. No more delays, troubleshooting, or fidgety kids!

  • 4K Interactive Display Madurai

    ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panel

    Interactive Flat Panel
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    • All-in-one myViewBoard™ suite with Whiteboard, Display, and Manager​​
    • Pen-on-paper writing experience with Ultra Fine Touch Technology​​​
    • Front-facing dual speakers to deliver attention-grabbing sound​​
    • Webcam bracket easily attached with camera for better engagement​​
    • Quad Core CPU with upgraded storage powered by Android 9.0 OS​

    The ViewBoard® 32-2 series is an advanced model that provides a comprehensive solution for schools and teachers looking to deliver more interactive and engaging lessons. Clearer colors, more vibrant contrast, and less glare are achieved thanks to 4K UHD display’s bonding technology. With 20-point touchscreen interface, users collaborate naturally either with a finger or one of the ViewBoard styluses. The display integrates Ultra Fine Touch Technology which brings a paper-like writing experience with instant response and high accuracy. The dual-tip pen support allows you to simultaneously write or draw with two different colors. Seamless software integration is assured by the built-in access to the myViewBoard suite that brings together all the hardware. With upgraded RAM and storage, ViewBoard 32-2 Series offers instant connectivity and effortless usability for classroom engagement.

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