Pro Audio Solutions

Smartschool Solutions provides complete Audio, Video, Interior & Technical services for Auditoriums, Cinema Theater, Schools & Colleges and Multi Purpose Halls.

  • Professional Sound System for Auditorium
  • House of Worship
  • Church
  • Government Conference Room
  • Conference Room (
    Small-Medium Conference Room,
    Large Conference Room,
    Remote Video Conference)
  • Retail (Super Market, Shopping Mall)

This digital conference system has designed different styles of microphones for customers to choose according to their different needs. The long conference microphones and the square microphones are both discussion and speech units; and the conference microphones are long microphones with built-in speakers; all those three styles of microphones can be connected via 8-pin dedicated conference cable and CAT5/6 network cable, for stable and reliable transmission, and convenient installation.

Reasons for professional sound system design:

Array speakers integrate professional speakers, power amplifiers, and digital signal processing units to make full use of power of each watt. The digital signal processing unit can manage and optimize performance, as well as protect the power amplifier and sound reinforcement unit. And the unique correction technology can enhance the accuracy of sound expression and reduce on-site commissioning work. The array speaker system can transmit line-level signals, with low line loss and better sound quality.


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